31 January, 2009

Eagle Rock, Virginia is My World Today

Though not a native Virginian I have embraced the Commonwealth and its history in the seven years I have lived here. I continue to explore the byways of this beautiful area and enjoy sharing my adventures with all of you.

Eagle Rock is an unincorporated community within the confines of Botetourt County and is located approximately 18 miles up US 220 North from my home. The area is also known as: Breckenridge, Eagle Mountain, Eaglerock, Rat Hole and Sheets to locals.

Eagle Rock is known for several things among those being the last lock of the James River and Kanawha Canal and the kilns for making lime. When approaching Eagle Rock northbound on US 220, one descends a long steep hill. This is locally known as Quarry Hill, and the old quarries are still visible on either side of US 220. Limestone was transported across the river via a tram system and then burned in the kilns to make lime.

The Jackson and Cowpasture Rivers converge in northern Botetourt County to form Virginia's greatest river, the James River. These headwaters, called the Upper James, provide some of the finest canoeing and freshwater fishing available in Virginia. A 16-mile (26 km) stretch of the James River between Eagle Rock and Springwood is the only part of the James River that has been designated a Virginia Scenic River.

The James is renowned for its smallmouth fishing, and the 45-mile (72 km) stretch that winds its way through Botetourt is becoming one of the most popular muskie sections of water in the state. The river also offers excellent rock bass, bream and catfish fishing.

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28 January, 2009

Skywatch Friday - Revisiting the Little Church

As you are traveling up Route 220 you will see a smallish sign on the right of the road indicating "Church". If you aren't paying attention you can pass right by it. And, if you have traffic tailgating behind you it is best to keep on going. The turn is sharp and the road down to it unpaved, rutted and narrow. But, this little gem lies at the bottom of the road.

Many of you had asked to see what the little church looked like (post of January 22, 2009). I do hope you enjoy.

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