21 January, 2010

Sky Watching from the Top of the Gateway Arch in Saint Louis-SkyWatch Friday

Today we are finally going up in the Gateway Arch. Yes, we are going up 630 feet or 192 meters to the top of this beautiful structure designed by Finnish-American Architect Eero Saarinen.

Passing through the doors, passengers in groups of five enter an egg-shaped compartment containing five seats and a flat floor. Because of the car shape, the compartments have sloped ceilings low enough to force taller riders to lean forward while seated (for this reason it's recommended that the tallest of the five passengers in the car sit in the center seat facing the door). Eight compartments are linked to form a train, meaning that both trains have a capacity of 40, and that 80 people can be transported at one time. These compartments individually retain an appropriate level by periodically rotating every 5 degrees, which allows them to maintain the correct orientation while the entire train follows curved tracks up one leg of the arch. The trip to the top of the Arch takes four minutes, and the trip down takes three minutes. The car doors have narrow windows, allowing passengers to see the interior stairways and structure of the Arch during the trip. I will say the pods are a tad claustrophobic and restrictive.

View looking out to the mighty Mississippi River that divides the State of Missouri and the State of Illionis. I like that I managed to capture a reflection of the arch in the River.

View looking toward City Garden and City of Saint Louis proper.

View looking toward Edward Jones arena where the Saint Louis Rams play football.

View looking toward Busch Stadium where the Saint Louis Cardinals play baseball.

I hope you enjoyed your view from the top of Gateway Arch today. These photographs were taken in August of 2009.

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