06 August, 2009

Abingdon, Virginia:Summer 2009-Skywatch Friday

Abingdon, Virginia is a great day trip and is located about 132 miles southwest of my home off Interstate 81. It is a charming town and one that I have visited many times before moving to Virginia. I love its atmosphere and visits here never disappoint.

The area we now call Abingdon was first surveyed by Dr. Thomas Walker and the Loyal Land Company, in the years 1749-1750. There was no immediate effort to settle the lands; and the next mention of the area was in 1760, when Daniel Boone and his exploration party were camped at a spring near the ground where a fort would later be built.

The town of Abingdon was possibly named after Abingdon, Oxfordshire, England, the ancestral home of Martha Washington. Other possible origins of the name include Daniel Boone's home in Abington, Pennsylvania, or Lord Abingdon, friend of settler William Campbell.

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