22 October, 2009

The View from the Other Side of the Mississippi River - Sky Watch Friday

This image of the Saint Louis Gateway Arch was taken on the metrolink from the Illinois side of the Mississippi River. Do click on it to enlarge.  It is difficult to get a full on shot of the image as the structure is so large.  Actually the Illinois side provides the best unobscured view(s) of the Arch whereas on the Missouri side you have the tall buildings encroaching on three sides and there is not enough room on the river side to capture the Arch, all 630 feet in its full glory. My apologies for the glare and dirty window of metrolink. For detailed information on the history of the Gateway Arch, please click through to my post Saint Louis-Gateway to the West .

For more skies from all around our wonderful world, please stop by and visit Sky Watch-Friday . It's a favorite stop of mine each week. I am sure you will enjoy photographs of the skies from around the world.

Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend everyone.

19 October, 2009

Morning Walk in Saint Louis....My World


On one of our morning walks around downtown Saint Louis we came across this little place. The view(s) were perfect so, we stopped for a bite to eat. It was quite delicious.

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