19 March, 2009

Skywatch Friday-View from a Southbound Train to Rome

Traveling south on an intercity train to Rome after a delightful day exploring the hill town of Orvieto, Italy I spotted this great cloud formation hovering over another hill top town. Orvieto is located on a 934 foot plateau overlooking the valley below.

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16 March, 2009

My World Part II Mercato Centrale in Florence Italy

Welcome back everyone. As promised here is a more detailed look inside the San Lorenzo Mercato Centrale in Florence, Italy which I visited a little over three weeks ago. This is my entry for MY WORLD today. I do hope you enjoy.

The fruits and vegetables are absolutely wonderful. I purchased apples and oranges while in Florence and they were delicious. All the items are grown in the region.
The meat and poultry selections were first rate. I was amazed at the chicken(s) with their combs still in tact(top right photo). Both male and female chickens have combs. Combs of different breeds may look different in shape and even in color. While most combs are red, some breeds have purple combs. The combs are not just for looks. They actually have a very important role for chicken because they cool the chicken down; blood circulates between the comb and the wattles.

There was an amazing variety of fish of all kinds including shell fish. My Uncle is a fresh fish affectionado and introduced me to different local dishes when I was in Rome.

Check out the beef and sausages.

More meat selections including rabbit, sausage, beef ribs and chicken.
And, here's some shrimp and octopus. One of the favorite dishes of some Italians is pasta with squid ink. My Uncle orders that dish at his favorite seafood restaurant in Rome.

Check out the dried kiwi, oranges and pineapples... an absolutely amazing variety of dried fruits of every kind imaginable.

and, fresh gnocchi, pasta of all kinds and rolls.

Look at these deli shops filled to the brim with hams, cheeses and wines from all over Italy. They will even make you sandwiches to order of your choice and prepare baskets to your specifications for your adventures into the countryside.
Of course there is no shortage of Italian candies and sweets and pastries. Very tempting and very hard to pass these goodies up. I usually purchase an assortment for tea-time.
I so hope you enjoyed our trip to the Mercato. Next week we will move on to another area in Florence.
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