07 May, 2009

Sky Watch Friday-Ponte Vecchio-Florence, Italy

The sky was bright blue and the reflection on the Arno River at the Ponte Vecchio was sheer perfection. Ponte Vecchio translates to Old Bridge. I just loved this capture and had to share it with you. I so hope you enjoy another photograph from my February 2009 adventure.

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04 May, 2009

Views from Ponte Vecchio-Florence, Italy-My World

Today I am featuring some window and building photographs from the Ponte Vecchio in Florence, Italy. I just loved the way the water and light worked together in these captures.Don't you just love the peeling plaster exposing the bricks beneath? And, the rusting wrought iron work? These are the backs of the businesses that face the bridge walkway. I think some of the shops are also configured as living quarters as well. Of course, the sea gulls had to do a fly by for me and I was lucky enough to capture them.

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