16 December, 2009

Highlights of Visit to The Nixon Presidential Library and Museum-Yorba Linda, California

Fountain at entrance to the Nixon Presidential Library and Museum

Reflecting pond

The pergola that Tricia Nixon-Cox was married under in the Rose Garden of White House in 1971.

House where President Nixon was born in 1913. It has been fully restored.

Army One/Marine One
Helicopter was called either Army One or Marine One depending on who was piloting it

In 1972, I was old enough to vote for the first time. I was very active with the Republican Party in the 43rd Assembly District and worked as a Youth for Nixon campaigner. Not only did I work registering young voters, I attended many events and worked the precincts getting out the vote. The highlight of my summer was attending the Republican National Convention in Miami Beach. It was a momentious occasion for a young person and I met many of the movers and shakers of the day including: President Nixon, Vice President Agnew, Howard Baker, Henry Kissenger and Ronald Reagan. Somewhere in my historical paperwork I have a picture taken of me with both President Nixon and Vice President Agnew. A very nice Secret Service agent took the picture for me.

President Nixon's policy that opened the door with China encouraged me to travel there in the early 80s. Needless to say, it was a momentious trip that, I will never forget.


Daryl said...

Interesting. Most couples keep the bride/groom from the top of the cake but they got to keep the pergola ..

Norma said...

he had a beach house in san juan capistrano and when he was in attendance, the flag was out. i made sure to look as we passed.